Our Company

Zikher is a financial technology company that provides technological innovation for financial institutions with advanced digital tools to increase efficiency, cut costs, and increase Loan volume. Zikher’s platform processes loan applications in minutes, while maintaining Bank-Grade Security.

   Our Mission

Our mission is to provide credit unions, community banks, and regional banks with an API based platform to automate and speed the consumer, residential and commercial loan origination process. Zither’s platform will Increase Loan volume, lower transaction expense and empower Brokers with marketing and engagement tools with minimum Capital Expenditure and turn-key implementation.

Customers now expect three key aspects; Simplicity, Integrity and Mobility. Current Commercial, Residential and Consumer loan processes are frustrating and highly inefficient and are a significant profit loss element for Financial Institutions. Failure points at any of these junctions during the User Experience and the potential customer moves on in seconds. Any demographic under 40 years old expects these interactions to be seamless and responsive. Losses at these failure points for many institutions are 20% plus on failed paper forms.

For Bank Officers, the ability to respond at the velocity of the current consumer expectation is critical to their business. Zikher’s White Label software will be configured to faithfully represent a Financial Institutions Brand. Brokers will be empowered with marketing and engagement tools. Consumers will benefit from an end-to-end seamless experience from application to documentation collection to disclosure delivery. The ISO Certified 27001 will ensure Compliance requirements are met.

Meet Zikher’s Team!

We are re-envisioning the future of digital lending.

  • Amir Khan

    Founder & CEO

  • Tushar Prabodhankar

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Anthony Shuker

    Software Engineer

  • Shivam Singh

    Program Manager

  • Michael Draper

    Sales Director


  • Claus Mikkelsen

    Data Scientist, Researcher, Inventor

  • Freddy Beaman

    Banker, Mortgage Consultant, Commercial Lender

  • Edward Schultz​

    Banker, Mortgage Consultant, Commercial Lender

  • Liat Perlman

    Business Development

  • Dennis Long

    Former CEO, Bank of the Pacific

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