Digital lending platform for next generation.

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Real time loan pipeline data at your fingertips. Entirely customizable to the needs of your organization's prospect management processes and goals.

   Digital Communication Support

Bankers and loan officers can directly connect with customers to engage them through the loan application process.


Easily schedule video and phone calls through the loan application process to ensure efficient timely communication.

Simplified loan pipeline management meets increased organizational efficiency

From origination to funding, all your loan application data at your fingertips in a single digital pipeline.

Entirely customizable, white-label platform

Gain real-time insights into your pipeline

Secure by design

Simple, API based integration

Fully compatible with existing legacy systems

Real-Time Dashboards: Increased Transparency


The Banker’s dashboard is fully customizable and provides real-time insight into the loan application pipeline, all the way from origination to issue of approval. Bankers can stay organized and follow their customers through the application process with our dashboard tools that provide updates on upcoming appointments, notifications about pending or completed applications, and loan-related news. Additionally, the dashboard displays the total loan amount and value within a selected period of time to help bankers reach their goals.

The customer’s dashboard provides the necessary tools to keep track of their loan application with real-time notifications about their loan status, upcoming appointments with loan officers, and current loan-related news. In addition, customers have their FICO and credit score at their fingertips, and can use the loan calculator to estimate their monthly payments.

Integrated Communication Channels: Easy Collaboration


Our integrated communication channels allow customers to virtually connect with their loan officer at anytime and anywhere that is convenient.

Customers can video chat their loan officers if they need guidance through the loan application process. Our video chat feature enables customers to ask questions in the comfort of their own home, while maintaining trust of face-to-face interactions.

The built-in scheduler allows customers and bankers to schedule appointments with one another. Customers no longer have to move their schedules around to find time to go into their bank, as they now have the power to choose a time and day that is most convenient for a quick and virtual appointment with their loan officer.

Entirely Digitalized Applications: A Painless Process


Bankers can create applications for any type of loan for new and existing customers, and can review completed applications. Necessary documents like non-disclosure forms can be directly uploaded to our platform for customers to securely e-sign.

Customers can complete the loan application in just a few minutes in the comfort of their own home. The loan application process is easy, intuitive, secure, and fully digital. All documents like W-2 forms, federal tax returns, and bank statements can be directly uploaded. Customers can easily e-sign throughout their loan application, so they don’t have to inconveniently visit their bank to manually sign.

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